DZCONNECT is very concerned with the privacy of everyone that uses our website and when operating with us, you should be aware that your personal information is never shared without your consent.

We have realized that most popular websites today have a level of trust among their users and this keeps its users from using the alternative website for their services. Because of this, we have taken security as one of our core responsibilities and we ensure that every information our clients released in this platform is stored for personal use only; except for companies like Google that we partnered with to track the user detailed statistics on how they use our website, also how they interacted with our website user interface.

Though we render amazing services to you; even down to your homes, we ensure that any information you disclose on our website to ensure that the order you made get to your destination is well secured; this will give you more access to express yourself in our website.

Our Privacy Policy is documented to help our users understand what we may require from you as you use our website, how we use the information you disclosed here, how you can manage it; via modifying, updating, deleting, etc.

This update is effective from 1 January 2022.



The core services we offer to our clients are expressed on our website and this is to help users understand more about the services and products we offer. Currently, we offer drop shipping from AliExpress and other Chinese stores as well as products sourced from Algeria and / or Algerian related companies in the UK and around the world. Some of our product categories can be found under the Fashion shop, Sport shop, Food shop, Artisan Shop, Haute Couture Shop etc section of our website. While using our website if you have questions majorly concerning our Privacy Policy or other sections of our website, do well to contact us at


Our Privacy Policy Page can Change at any time


By using our website, you agree to the information we disclose to you on this Privacy Policy page which could be updated anytime we make spectacular changes to our website; probably when we expand our drop shipping locations and regions when technology affects the information, we have disclosed to you already.


DZCONNECT also involves other necessary steps applicable to law and before we will implement any changes that come from the law in our website which may disclose the information you stored with us; we will first notify you.

Furthermore, you should note that the information we disclosed on this page becomes effective from the “Last Updated” date. Apart from this privacy policy, other ways we may demand consent from you as you continue to use our site will require you to accept or agree with the new consent that is bound to the changes we have made to this website. We recommend that as you often use our website, that you do well to check our Privacy Policy page regularly as we may institute changes without notifying you through emails; also dates to the changes made will be attached to the pages.

We at DZCONNECT take the privacy of all our users very seriously and we are committed to all the personal information of our users; including registered and unregistered.


Information we require from users;


Basic/Personal/Sign up information; We collect your personal information which includes Google or Facebook account login details, your email address, your region (physical address), identification details, your phone number, etc.

Browsing/Data information

While using our website, we collect your data when you browse our web pages. Here we mean that when you access our website, we collect and record your information that is related to our site usages such as your IP address, web-log information, your device info, browser info, geolocation info, and other related information’s that will help us record every activity and your experience while using our website. Such info will help us to constantly improve our website to ensure a good user experience for every visitor regardless of their device, location, GUI, etc.

How we use your personal information;

In our server database, the arrangement and accessibility of the information you submitted to us will be determined by the personal information you released to us while signing up.

Below are some of the purposes where we will use your personal information:

-           One of the major reasons why we collect your personal information is to ensure quality service on our website, also to provide extreme security that will perform our rightful obligations to you.

-         Account set-up: All the information you submitted to our database during sign-up is used to issue login activity, to contact you when needed, and to keep your account safe.

-         With Third-party Service Providers: The personal info you provided on our website may be stored with other third-party service providers that are partnering with us.

-         Direct marketing: The information we collect from you is used to send direct notifications concerning the product you ordered via our service, also to maintain a detailed business record.

How we collect information

Directly from our users

The information we collect from you is directly provided by you. How do you do this? You submit your information to us by filling the forms that will be presented to you for example the signup forms, your social media profile info, etc.

Indirectly through technical means

Our users should also be aware that we as well collect technical info from our users automatically from our system database. The information included here is your software configuration, IP address, operating system, etc. Cookies help us to improve user experience and navigation. We discussed our Cookies policy under the “Cookies” section on this page.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

The information we collect from you will stay with us as long as the purpose while it was collected is still needed. Moreover, we may retain your info for a long period in some instances which includes: tracking our previous business deals, preventing cyber-attacks over your account, helping bypass troubleshooting problems, ensuring that our website takes actions that are required by law, etc.


At DZCONNECT, we use cookies in several instances to collect personal info from our visitors. For instance, we use cookies to ensure fast loading of our site instead of downloading all the documents of our site afresh, to retain login details such as username and password while trying to login.

Our cookies also track other activities that our visitors perform on our website, such as clicking on sign-up buttons, closing model box, users' browsers settings on how our website will be displayed to the visitor, etc. When a visitor declines to accept cookies from our website, that visitor will be limited, also some of our website features will not work for that visitor. We recommend that you accept cookies from our website.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


The major reason for collecting your personal information is discussed on this privacy policy page and it depends on the information that you willingly released to us. The specific reason why we collect your information is that:

Our services need to perform a contract with you for easy delivery and return

Because you permitted us to have your information

We need to obey rules by the law

All our user that resides in the UK and European Economic Area (EEA), can further customize the personal information that is being disclosed on our website.

Also, if you no longer want to be a part of us, you can contact us for the removal of your personal information and it will be done according to your request.

Log Files

DZCONNECT follows the standard process for using our user's log files. The log files are users’ stored info when they visit our website. Web hosting companies keep these log files to ensure a proper statistical record of the website. They include IP address, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time stamp, etc.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

The Privacy Policy stated here at DZCONNECT does not apply to other third-party advertisers or another website that is partnering with us. Any third-party advertiser on our website has their privacy policy which may differ from what we have stated here.

Children's Information

We consider the fact that children also browse web pages. So, we advise parents and guardians that they monitor and guide their children in every online activity.


By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its terms. For more inquiries, you can contact us through our contact page.