Our mission is to connect the  DZ community within the UK in order to help, support, collaborate and grow together for a stronger sense of togetherness and a better future. We cover everything business related, cultural, educational, environmental, Sports as well as philanthropic matters. We are a non-political and non religious platform.


"Team of One" for the time being, juggling between a job, family life and running this platform.


We have different subscription packages that allow you to advertise your event, business, skills you may have and services you may wish to provide. We also have a section dedicated to those seeking accommodation, employment, training or work experience. Finally, We have a section for those based in DZ wanting to advertise products and services to the UK market.


DZ Connect is a platform striving day by day to bring closer together the Algerian community in Great Britain as well as bringing Algeria's culture, history, products and services closer to the British People.

We aim at representing and promoting the common interests of Algerian-Brits, Algerians residing in the UK as well as those residing in Algeria. Non-Algerian members are most Welcome!

We are a newly established platform and welcome any feedback.

Thank you for your support!